i just really want everyone to know that anytime i reblog something that isn’t nemi, secretly i wish i was reblogging nemi

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bare minimum? i thought you meant bear minimum. as in the smallest amount of bears possible. which is why i brought one bear. there’s one bear. aka. the smallest amount of bears possible. i mean this is a problem but at least it’s not like. bear maximum

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“the phoenix that is not just flames but the rebirth as well: and to be a fan… may 22, 2004: i step into an elevator with robert smith of the cure in washington dc, i cringe, i think- i cast myself deep in doubt… as we rise 8 floors in a hotel in a diplomat strip of washington dc- i try to think of something to say- something that will blow his mind- something that will make him think differently,of how much his band and his words and he means to me. i can understand the weight of when you say “you guys are my favorite band” simply because i have uttered the same- with the same shakiness and conviction…Pete Wentz

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"Dad always said this town could wreck a person. It’s what happens when you’re playing a rigged game. I convinced myself ‘winning’ meant getting out but in what world do you get to leave the ring and declare victory? This is where I belong, in the fight. It’s who I am. I’ve rolled around in the mud for so long, wash me clean and I don’t recognise myself. So, how about I just accept the mud and the tendency I have to find myself rolling in it? My name is Veronica and I’m an addict. Hello Veronica."

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At the end of the day, we’re all the same, because we all want to be loved.”

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reminder: you don’t have to write a character off a show by killing them

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@profightshop: @nickjonas at the world #Famous PRO Fight Shop

@profightshop: at the world PRO Fight Shop

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looks like love
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